MOSB – Georgia, Another Victory

Confederate Officer
Old Georgia flag Waving

Commander Martin N. Bell wins another victory in the Macon Confederate Monument Case, this time in Federal District Court in Macon Georgia, having already won an injunction from Georgia Superior Court Judge Rucker Smith forbidding the City of Macon from removing the two Confederate monuments until a ruling in a main state trial. Simply put the City of Macon sued to have the entire case moved to Federal Court and we contended it should stay in the Georgia court system and we prevailed. The hearing was heard at 10:00am this morning, November 18, 2020 at the Federal Courthouse in Macon Georgia in front of Judge Hugh Lawson.


 “I enjoyed meeting Judge Lawson today and greatly appreciate his decision in our favor. I wish to thank not only my attorney Walker Chandler but also the attorneys for the City, Duke Groover and Elizabeth Hall, all of whom were very kind, courteous and professional. In addition I would like to thank all of my supporters who showed up for the trial today. As a military historian I wish to quote Prime Minister Churchill at this junction as the Battle of Britain ended;” “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.


“This has been quite an eventful week for our side; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

(1) Monday, we kicked off our “Macon Monuments Matter” Campaign complete with yard signs, highway signs and magnetic signs for car doors etc.

(2) Tuesday, the Macon Bibb Commission bill from committee to reallocate $300,000 dollars from Splost Funds for bridge and road repairs in order to move the Confederate Monuments failed in the Commission meeting.

(3) Wednesday we prevailed in the Federal Court hearing.”


I am proud to say we supported Lester Miller for Mayor and I believe we share the dream of bringing the citizens of this city together. If just one of the commissioners who voted to remove the Confederate monuments would reverse their vote and join with Commissioners Allen, Jones, Shepherd and Wynn we could stop this nonsense of removing the monuments, reallocating Splost funds away from Storm Drainage, Bridge and Road Repairs and for goodness sake do something about all the horrendous crime in this city.



In the meantime, it is high time certain news media stop the fake news and post the real drawing of the original Macon action plan which has always included the Confederate Monuments in place and take the fake picture off your web site. We wish to thank Macon Bibb Alternative News for their honest and accurate reporting of our story from the beginning.